Let us not become boastful

Let us not become boastful, challenging one another, envying one another. (Galatians 5:26)
One day Jesus asked those who interrogated him:
How can you believe, when you receive glory from one another and you do not seek the glory that is from the one and only God? (John 5:44)
Those seeking the approval of men will be slaves of vainglory and cannot truly believe in Christ which sought only the glory that comes from God alone.

To become perfect

We can approach truth with words and concepts, but really to know it we have to experience it. Truth is like a symphony whose beauty we cannot appreciate without learning how to read, play and sing. The word of God is such a symphony: “Let my tongue sing of thy word, for all thy commandments are righteousness” (Psalm 119:172). When many people surround us, we realize that we are pretty insignificant. But amid this crowd, where everyone is “nothing”, we feel deep in our heart that we have a mission in this world. Of course, our thoughts are not God’s thoughts (Isaiah 55:8).

Security and insecurity

Vanity of vanities! All is vanity! What advantage does man have in all his work which he does under the sun? (Ecclesiastes 1:2-3)
Having described his life, his successes, his mistakes and his disappointments, King Solomon concludes the whole matter: “Fear God and keep his commandments, because this applies to every person” (Ecclesiastes 12:13). Who wants to express himself to be sovereign and necessary chooses freely to do what God recommends.

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